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Alicia de Bánffy-Hall

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Alicia de Bánffy-Hall is a Professor of Aesthetic Practice in Social Work focusing on Music and Media, at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut (with music and media as a focal area. After doing a B.A. in Performing Arts/Community Music and a M.Sc. in Arts and Cultural Management, she lived in Liverpool, England, for ten years and worked as a community musician throughout Europe. She was involved in projects with, among others, orchestras, museums, schools, day-care centres and community centres as well as in free projects. In Germany, De Bánffy-Hall took part in developing the first M.A. degree course including Music Pedagogics/Community Music. She is a member of the Community Music Network Board, and she is also a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal for Community Music and the Community Music Activity Commission.


What is your professional/artistic/academic focus?

I focus on community music, intersecting with music in social work, music pedagogics and cultural education.


What potentials do you see in the certificate course “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” for your specialist field?

I regard the course as an important supplement to the existing further education programmes, since it explicitly addresses artists. I above all find the interdisciplinary form of art exciting!


Which changes are needed at cultural policy or education policy level to strengthen the potentials of cooperation with artists for Cultural Education in Germany?

Realistic funding and training for artists in the field of social innovations is essential. That is why this certificate course is so important! In addition, sensitising education and cultural institutions for the potentials of cooperating with artists is of high significance.


Alicia de Bánffy-Hall at “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education”

Alicia de Bánffy Hall is taking part in the course framework as a lecturer in Module 1: “Potentials of art for cultural education processes”. If you have any queries or are interested in cooperating, you are welcome to contact zertifikatskurs [at] uni-hildesheim [dot] de