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Takwe Kaenders – Project

otto mops – onomatopoeia

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My most important objective in this project was to introduce children to lyrics with the poem “ottos mops” by Ernst Jandl and above all inspire them to take an interest in language. In the project, it was possible to discover language with all one’s senses and develop it further, very much in line with Jandl. The originality and uniqueness of his poems enabled the children to gain access to language in a creative way. In the course of activities such as dancing, rapping, role-play and onomatopoeia, language turns into sensual perception and sound as well as haptic experiences. With the aid of the children’s creative interaction and ideas, language evolves into more than just a means of communicating; not only can it now be heard, it can also be seen, felt and changed.

What have you taken home from this project for your artistic activities?

That it is possible to spontaneously adapt and redesign contents so that they are right for children and youths at precisely this moment.