Module 8: Train the Trainer

Following seven exciting modules on the topics of “Art Potentials”, “Theoretical Concepts and Discourses in Cultural Education”, “Strategies and Practice Formats”, “Cultural Education in School Contexts”, “Culture Management for Creators of  Art in Cultural Education”, “Cultural Institutions as Places of Learning” and “Practice at documenta fifteen”, now, on the 15.07.2022, Module 8 introduces the conclusion of the certificate course.

How do I reliably and effectively impart knowledge I have acquired and my experiences to other artists? How can transfer be successful independently of a certain artist personality? What has changed in my attitude as an artist and mediator now that I have finished the course? The participants will be dealing with these and other questions from the 15.07.2022 on.

Fully in line with Train the trainer, in parallel to the last module and the conclusion of the course, the participants will be producing a series of information videos in the shape of webinars in order to record what has been learnt and pass it on to further course generations.


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