This is happening in Module 3 “Strategies und Practice Formats”

Following two intensive modules on the thematic focal areas of “Art Potentials” and “Theories and Discourses”, Module 3, with impulses for “Strategies and Practice Formats”, starts on the 10.11.2021. This time, the pilot programme “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” run by the University of Hildesheim’s Department of Cultural Policy is not taking place at the Federal Academy for Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel. Owing to the current rise in Corona infections, the team have decided to conduct the Module in a digital format. At least in terms of the contents addressed, the format will then directly be addressing one of the key questions

“How can digital methods enrich activities in Cultural Education?”

Basically, the Module provides an overview of practical methods and formats of communicating culture from a selection of art disciplines. To achieve this, the course takes up exciting tried-and-tested communicating formats and major challenges in Cultural Education. Which methods are there in communicating culture in the various disciplines? What specialities do the different social groups bear? What potentials do the urban and also the rural areas hold?

Among those invited to this Module are partners from practice who will offer programme units going into more detail in digital space.