Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education – qualified training and certification for arts practitioners from the artistic disciplines of architecture, visual arts, design, film, photography, literature, media, music, performance, sound, theater, contemporary dance, circus, and other fields.

  • Duration: September 2021 to August 2022
  • Eight modules (two days each) plus immersion units
  • In-person events and online seminars
  • Application deadline: January 31, 2021

A Germany-wide certification course developed by the Institute for Cultural Policy of the Department of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication at the University of Hildesheim in close cooperation with practice partners, offers a total of thirty arts practitioners from various artistic fields the opportunity to become qualified professionals in practice-based, cultural education work at schools and other organizations. With certification, participants will also be able to work in education in museums, theaters, dance and opera stages, orchestras, youth centers or at festivals. In addition, participants will receive training to become trainers themselves of future Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education certification courses.