That was Module 1: Potentials of art for cultural education processes – formats, questions, impulses

The first Module of “Artistic interventions in Cultural Education” took place at the Federal Academy for Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel from the 24.09.-26.09.2021. Thirty-three participants as well as six lecturers and one artist provided the framework for the three days with inputs, workshops, aesthetic communication formats and artistic impulses. On our Homepage, we give three retrospect perspectives of the weekend.

Getting to know the scholarship-holders, mini-workshops, speed-dating and an aesthetically staged Feast! Last week, marking the launch of “Artistic interventions in Cultural Education”, there were several innovative meeting places – both for the scholarship-holders and the lecturers – to get to know each other and share views and ideas.

One special objective of Module 1 in this context was to give the participants the opportunity to position themselves with their artistic activities. What have grand concepts like Cultural Education, art research, artistic interventions or communicating art and culture actually got to do with one’s own activities? What can art achieve on its own? And how do I define myself as an actor in this field?

These are just a few of the questions which were discussed in Module 1. You can get to know the lecturers from Module 1 here.