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Anne Helga Henning: Worldmaking through ornamenting

In my practice I want the participants to experience making a tactile and visual ornament together working in silence. The ornament will relate to natural found objects of the world that are composed on the table where the ornament-making will take place. During the session the participants will relate actively to the other participants moves in making the ornament in a different way than if they were able to speak with each other. So another way of “listening” and “speaking” to each other is required.

As no person will have a leading hand on the outcome of the ornament and how it relates to the objects will be unpredictable and open-ended. Which creates an interesting platform for discussing experiences that came up during the session. Assosiations, memories and fantasies that were triggered both as we moved along and as a response to the final visual outcome.

We will set off time to reflect and discuss all this.

After the performance workshop I will show a short movie called “We need a ladder!”

The movie is allso about listening closely to situations.  I will show how I used my competence as an artist and atelierista to prepare for the group of co-researchers next step, which is always interesting and in many ways risky.  In this case the group consisted of 3-year-old children exploring a specific architectural environment in my hometown.

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