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Vanessa Reinwand-Weiss

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Prof Dr Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand-Weiss studied pedagogics, drama and media science, Italian romance studies and philosophy in Erlangen and Bologna and completed her doctorates with a thesis on educational and learning processes in dramatics at Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2007. Subsequently, as a postdoctoral researcher, she headed a study on early childhood education at the University of Freiburg (Switzerland). Following a Junior Professorship at the University of Hildesheim’s Institute of Cultural Policy, she has been Director of the Federal Academy for Cultural Education Wolfenbüttel since 2012, and as a Professor of Cultural Education, she continues to teach in Hildesheim. Reinwand-Weiss is an active member of numerous committees and juries in the Cultural Education field. For example, she is a founding member of the Federal Network for Cultural Education and an expert in the Council for Cultural Education.


What is your professional focus?

I am active both as a culture manager and in the area of cultural policy, teaching and researching in the field of (early childhood) Cultural Education.


What potentials do you see in the certificate course “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” for your specialist field?

I expect the course to sensitise artists for mediation activities in educational and cultural institutions and to hone their profile in this respect. This can also contribute to Cultural Education being more strongly structurally anchored in educational and cultural institutions in the future. There is an urgent need for more Cultural Education in our educational and cultural institutions!


Which changes are needed at cultural policy or education policy level to strengthen the potentials of cooperation with artists for Cultural Education in Germany?

In the education sector, there ought to be more scope for structural freedom and courage in child day-care centres and schools, and for them to be able to aesthetically orient their profile and also address other topical issues such as sustainability, education towards democracy or diversity via cultural (school) development. In my opinion, public cultural institutions are in particular need of funding and cultural policy framework provisions to implement Cultural Education and Mediation as a cross-cutting mission. Qualified staff is a prerequisite for both aspects.


Vanessa Reinwand-Weiss at “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” 

Vanessa Reinwand-Weiss is taking part in the course framework as a lecturer in Module 1: “Potentials of art for cultural education processes”. Furthermore, Vanessa Reinwand-Weiss represents the Federal Academy for Cultural Education as one of the project partners accompanying the pilot project.

For details, see: If you have any queries or are interested in cooperating, you are welcome to contact zertifikatskurs [at] uni-hildesheim [dot] de