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Siglinde Lang

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Siglinde Lang is active as a freelance cultural scientist, lecturer and curator with her Büro für künstlerisch wissenschaftliche Praxis ( She has taught at various universities, is an author of publications on ‘Participatory Culture Management’, ‘Artistic-Cultural Entrepreneurship’ or ‘Art in Rural Regions’. Since 2015, she has also been increasingly active as a freelance curator and cultural policy consultant, and in addition, since 2021, as an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Art in Contemporary Contexts and Media at the Catholic Private University Linz in Austria.







What is your professional focus?

My professional work and research foci are participatory and decentralised cultural projects in the contemporary art sector.


What potentials do you see in the certificate course “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” for your specialist field?

Art still receives too little appreciation as a trans-disciplinary resource in society. Artistic interventions are a significant approach to actively make use of this potential – for example in urban planning, regional development or also to address ecological challenges.


Which changes are needed at cultural policy or education policy level to strengthen the potentials of cooperation with artists for Cultural Education in Germany?

Trans-disciplinary approaches and models to realise them are needed at all levels.


Siglinde Lang at “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education”

Siglinde Lang is participating as a lecturer in the context of the course in Module 5: “Culture Management for Creators of Art in Cultural Education”. If you have any questions or are interested in working with her, please go to zertifikatskurs [at] uni-hildesheim [dot] de