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BürgerStiftung Hamburg / TUSCH

Foto: Fabian Thüroff

For 20 years, TUSCH has provided schools interested in theater and stages in Hamburg with a common space for conceiving and realizing exciting, innovative and high-quality theater or dance projects. The TUSCH team supports dialogue between students, artists and teachers and also promotes a large network of actors. Fourteen theater-school partnerships are currently working on anchoring theater and cultural development in schools.

Art Lab for Theater
As part of the Art Lab for Theater, TUSCH has worked extensively with four selected partnerships to compile, expand and digitize its knowledge of collaboration. Drawing from four sample digital projects, a cross-media textbook and an introduction to the main topic of establishing and developing collaborations, participants will gain deep insight into theater-related processes and working methods as well as many practical tips and helpful input for realizing their own theater projects.

Our Focus
Based on digital materials from the Art Labs, we as a team would like to take an in-depth look at the intersection between real and digital spaces. The unwavering goal is to bring theater to life and make it accessible for students, both in the theater and at school. We want to strengthen collaborations between artists, students and teachers and create a common space for experiencing art where all participants inspire each other.

Julia Eplinius is a cultural studies scholar and certified coach who specializes in promoting partnerships between schools and culture. Her work as director of the Hamburg regional office of the Kulturagent*innen program and the Art Lab for Theater has given her extensive expertise in school-based cultural development. Since 2019 she oversees needs analysis and evaluation at the BürgerStiftung Hamburg.

Michael Müller, theater administrator, studied art and theater education and politics. Since 1991 he has worked in various capacities at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, including as head of PR and education, as artistic coordinator for the Junges Schauspielhaus, and as a leading theater educator and author. He is part of the TUSCH founding team and has been involved in its operations since 2002 and serves as a constant liason between theaters and schools.

Celina Rahman, program director of TUSCH Hamburg, studied English and German studies in Freiburg and teaches theater after completing advanced training. In 2012 she began working with schools in Hamburg, introducing theater educational formats, advanced training offerings and artistic projects there in order to establish and expand on the role of dance in schools and to make it accessible for youth from socially disadvantaged areas in particular.

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