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Immersion Units for Various Artistic Disciplines
As part of the certification course, experts from the Art Labs and the Bundesverband Kulturagent*innen für kreative Schulen e. V. (BVKA) have developed immersion units for various artistic disciplines. Here module topics are supplemented by more in-depth course units in the fields of visual arts, literature, music, theater, contemporary dance and school collaborations. Participating arts practitioners will be able to develop their own cultural education strategies based on their specific artistic practice in direct consultation with highly seasoned, nationally recognized specialists.

Within the framework of Modules 3 (Strategies and Practice-based Formats for Art and Cultural Education), 4 (Cultural Education in School Contexts), 5 (Cultural Institutions as Places of Learning) and 7 (Hand’s-on Training), approximately five hours of immersion units will be offered at the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel. Upon completing the above-listed modules with the entire group, fellows can then select a specific module topic in an area of their choice (visual arts, literature, music, theater, contemporary dance and school collaborations) for more in-depth study in a small team of maximum six participants.

For the above-listed areas of visual arts, literature, music, theater, contemporary dance and school collaborations, two additional immersion units are offered on site in the respective project-partner setting for a maximum of six participants each. This enables fellows to exchange ideas directly with one another in small groups in the actual work environments of the project partners. Knowledge transfer therefore evolves within the particular setting in conjunction with the professional expertise and experience of project partners. At the same time, participants make new contacts and are able to tap into new networks.