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Is there an age limit?

No, but it would be nice if participants were able actively apply and pass on their knowledge for a few years after certification.

Can the application form also be filled-out in English?


Is it ok if I live outside of Germany?

No, in-person attendance is required for the various modules so you must have a permanent place of residence in Germany

How good does my German have to be?

All modules are conducted in German so you have to assess for yourself whether your knowledge of German is sufficient to understand complex topics as well as participate in the course.

Is German citizenship required to attend the program?

No, neither German nor EU citizenship is required.

What is the exact criteria for admission?

Eligible for support are arts practitioners from various artistic fields (architecture, visual arts, design, film, photography, literature, media, music, performance, sound, theater, contemporary dance, circus, interdisciplinary fields, etc.)

with preferably a university degree or equivalent knowledge

with an appreciation for the importance of the arts and education for society

with an interest in working with children and young people and their living environments

with experience in cultural education and artistic practice

who have the time and resources to dedicate to their own project work

with German residence

with sufficient German language skills to be able to follow the course

Where do the in-person modules take place?

In Wolfenbüttel (Module 1–6 and Module 8) and in Kassel (Module 7).

What does the fellowship include?

The fellowship covers the elaboration and implementation of the concepts presented in the modules and immersion units in conjunction with German and international collaborative partners; material costs for the practice-based projects; individual coaching and mentoring; teaching and learning materials; as well as accommodation and meals in Wolfenbüttel and Kassel. In addition, a certificate recognized across Germany will be awarded at the conclusion of the program and the practice-based projects will be professionally promoted, distributed and published both in print and on a digital network platform.

Do I have to attend all modules in person?

You must attend at least seven modules in person.

Is it possible to attend the individual modules without being part of the certification course?

Unfortunately not.

Is funding available for my own project, e.g. for necessary materials?


Should project samples specifically address aspects of cultural education wor

It would be very beneficial if they did.

Should project samples be geared toward certain age groups, such as children and teens?

No, projects with and for any age group can be submitted.

Can project concepts be submitted or is it necessary to submit a project that has already been realized?

Well-developed project concepts can also be submitted.

Can I apply as an individual person with projects that have been conducted jointly with others?

Yes, this is possible.

What format is preferred for documenting the project?

Image, text, sound, video—it is completely up to you.

Is it possible to take the course while attending another academic program?

Yes, the course is part-time. You are only required to attend the modules in person; all other coursework can be divided up in a way that best suits you.

When will I be notified of acceptance or rejection?

We hope to be able to inform you of our decision by mid-March!

Can I submit more than two project samples in the application?

Please select the two most suitable examples and only submit these.