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Module 2: Lecturers

From the 05.11.2021 to the 07.11.2021, the second Module of “Artistic Interventions in Cultural Education” took place at the Federal Academy for Cultural Education in Wolfenbüttel. For the 33 participants, there were inputs on various discourses addressing how to design mediating activities. Discussions were initiated in Wolfenbüttel on the topics of diversity, mediation at school and the procedural nature of creative work.

On the weekend, our wonderful lecturers also visited the Federal Academy in Wolfenbüttel in order to give the scholarship holders exciting impulses for the topic of Theories and Discourses in Cultural Education.

The Module was moderated by Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand-Weiss. She studied pedagogics, drama and media science, Italian romance studies and philosophy. Following a Junior Professorship at the University of Hildesheim’s Institute of Cultural Policy, she has been Director of the Federal Academy for Cultural Education Wolfenbüttel since 2012, and as a Professor of Cultural Education, she continues to teach in Hildesheim. Vanessa-Isabelle Reinwand-Weiss guided the participants through the dense programme. For example, input was given on the topic of Artists in Education – theoretical approaches and empirical studies by Prof Dr Frank Jebe. Nora Amin, Dr Özlem Canyürek and Nhu Y Linda Nguyen lectured on various aspects of diversity in Cultural Education activities. One special feature of Module 2 was an introduction to the Module “Train the Trainer” with Birgitta Heller-Mevißen and Saskia Köhler on the Sunday (07.11.).

You can find an overview of all lecturers so far here.