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Mareike Wenzel – Questions

Which topic turns up again and again in your artistic activities?

My works of art are very strongly based on locations and spaces which I research and take a new look at together with various groups. Redefining familiar narratives and redesigning spaces are at the centre of my work. One focus here is experiences made by women and dealing with public and private spaces. I am interested in putting different narratives on top of each other and linking up with locations to enable the creation of new spaces for thought and encounters as well as in developing a common language of art.

What do you seek to achieve with your arts education activities?

To me, arts education work means creating and opening up common spaces to enable new narratives to develop, question existing structures and enable participation. Art as a shared experience and communicating in a common language which evolves through and in constant exchange. It can develop new new narratives on existing places or positions, challenging both the audience and participants to question their own perceptions and behavioural partterns, thus creating scope for novelties and a new understanding of culture.

What, in your view, is the essence of an artistic intervention in arts education?

It creates places of exchange, encounter and the discussion of different positions and opens up new scope for knowledge and discourse. Awareness of different realities of life can be created with artistic means. For me, such activities are always an exchange and transfer of knowledge, a common quest and common negotiating of topics, always staying open-minded and at eye-level. They question conventional cultural practice, create new art venues and enable participation from the perspective of the participant and the observer.