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Anke Eberwein

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Anke Eberwein studied arts education at the University of Hildesheim in the 1990s and then worked as a music pedagogue and concert manager. After the publication of her diploma thesis on the topic of “Concert Pedagogics”, she became co-founder of the “Kölner Büro für Konzertpädagogik” (Cologne concert pedagogics agency) in 1997, which she then headed for several years. Having been trained as a music geragogue in 2020, she now works as a freelancer throughout the county of Kassel, commissioned by senior citizens’ institutions, clinics and local authorities. She provides musical accompaniment for old people in individual settings (musical house calls, instrumental instruction), in groups (singing  and music tours, sing- and play-along concerts, senior citizens’ bands, intergenerative projects) and heads further and continuing education programmes. Her work’s motto is: “Faltenklang – alte Menschen können sich in und über Musik „ent-falten“” (the sound of wrinkles – old people can de-wrinkle/develop in and with music).



Faltenklang – Anke Eberwein: Musikgeragogin, Konzertpädagogin, Kultur- und Musikpädagogin

0561 – 850 17 472 (Kassel)

0176 – 648 44 830

kontakt [at] faltenklang [dot] de

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