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Ole Meergans – Project

Forms of Apolda

© Ole Meergans

In the context of the International Building Exhibition Thüringen (IBA), an outdoor sculpture made of concrete and rammed loam was erected in Apolda. Loam was beaten and concrete was poured with residents, Lessing Primary School pupils and students. Sustainability and circularity, but above all the simplicity and immediateness of processing these building materials were crucial aspects. The aim was to find a form open to interpretation and enabling spontaneous adoption – as Land Art, a bench, or a lounger.

What have you taken home from this project for your artistic activities?

For me, working in the collective and seeing how different individuals contributed their skills to the overall project was especially enriching. Here, I was able to learn how ideas or work process transform and improve in the groups.

Again and again, the different perspectives of the participants on artistic production prove to be stimulating and also sharpen my perception of my own works of art.