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Kristina Veit – Questions

Which topic turns up again and again in your artistic activities?

Over the last few years, in my work as an artist, I have particularly focused on the issue of space or the immediate environment, together with entering into a relation. Dealing with what is surrounding me in terms of architecture, objects or bodies.

What do you seek to achieve with your cultural education activities?

Ideally, I would like to see the participants acquire an extension of their possibilities to use their bodies and playfully and freely choose their form of expression. I want to inspire people to have the courage to come up with their own ideas and creative impulses and feel confident in having them, so that the threshold is lowered for them to become more inventive themselves and put their ideas into practice, expression, form and motion.

What, in your view, is the essence of an artistic intervention in cultural education?

For me, an artistic intervention in cultural education is first of all about an interruption. It is an opportunity to step out of what is familiar and possibly automated and gain experience which might be new, unfamiliar and different. One’s own field of experience is thus expanded.