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Dong Zhou – Questions

Which topic turns up again and again in your artistic activities?

Various topics turn up again and again in my work as an artist: the sound environment and its message, particularly in industrialised urban life, furthermore individuals within a powerful system, misunderstandings and discrimination on the basis of gender and ethnicity as well as Internet culture. These topics frequently overlap since they constitute different sides of contemporary culture.

What do you seek to achieve with your cultural education activities?

While I seek to support people of different origin in expressing themselves and thus becoming visible with my cultural education work, I also want it to help people to achieve mutual understanding and self-reflection.

What, in your view, is the essence of an artistic intervention in cultural education?

Artistic intervention in cultural education finds a topic and seeks to address it with an artistic solution. Sometimes the problem is not immediately solved, although the intervention can integrate the topic in artistic practice and gradually improve the situation.