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Christophe Ndabananiye – Project

Shoes – personal versus impersonal, 2011

© Christophe Ndabananiye

In 2011, I presented some of my work in the Traces Exhibition at the Centre de Formation Refuge Icyugamo in Masaka. The installative piece “Shoes – personal versus impersonal”, which always causes irritation, could be viewed, as well as various series in glossy and acrylic paint, partly also involving collage techniques, on the topics of traces and routes.

In parallel to the exhibition, together with art historian Katja Vobiller, I organised a workshop for children which was aimed at teaching them the basics of design. Here too, the topic of “traces” was a common thread in the workshops, in which the children discovered their artistic talent and experimented with lead and colour pencils, paintbrushes and paintboxes, crayons and scissors. After the workshop, the children had the opportunity to present their works of art.

What have you taken home from this project for your artistic activities?

For me, cultural education in the context of communicating with the children was an important experience, for here, as had been the case in my career as an artist up to then, the topic of identity played a major role.