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Awaniy Ammar – Project

Tracing one’s own tracks – creating new worlds

© Ammar Awaniy

Referring to Saxony-Anhalt’s long history of migration and integration, youths got together to develop four project pillars in transcultural cross-media education workshops. Each of these pillars related to a concrete project, one of which was my first book. Together with poets, layout designers, illustrators and publishers, .lkj) Sachsen-Anhalt and ICATAT e. V., the book “Die Fackel der Angst. Von Homs nach Magdeburg” (the torch of fear – from Homs to Magdeburg) was created, which I have been focusing on in workshops and readings since it was published.

The project was backed by its own blog, so that the youths were able to blog their own artistic results.

What have you taken home from this project for your artistic activities?

This experience made me more aware of the role which art in general has in developing young people’s personalities. Art and literature help them freely express their opinion and work together to achieve the goals they have set themselves. As an author, I have developed my own view of cultural education. My book project won’t be over when the book is published, for that is only the beginning of a journey which then goes on through discussions, workshops and creative thought.